USPS Short-Term Disability Insurance for Postal Employees

Working for the postal service is hard on the body. There is no denying that fellow workers in your office have missed work due to these injuries or illnesses. With daily grueling physical demands, many USPS employees seek short-term disability as they recover.

Some employees have thousands of hours of sick leave and don’t have to worry about seeking short-term disability insurance. However, if you are a postal employee that doesn’t have at least 1000 hours of sick leave, you risk losing income in the event of your illness, injury, or due to taking care of a family member on the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act).

New Max Monthly Benefit $6,000 as of 11/23!

All of these are valid reasons for searching for USPS short-term disability insurance. Whether you need disability insurance after experiencing an injury as a postal worker or you’re preparing now in case of future sickness or ailment that leaves you unable to work, having something to cover your medical bills and expenses is essential.

You have insurance on your house, car, and general health. Doesn’t it make sense to have insurance on your paycheck?

Protect yourself and your job with Postal Life and Disability Plans. Our useful and efficient service proudly provides USPS federal employees with the proper coverage that the Federal Employees Retirement System can’t.

For Federal Employees of the Postal Service, Only

USPS short-term disability insurance planYou are eligible for Postal Life and Disability Plans if you are a USPS postal worker. This program offered to postal workers is a comprehensive group plan where you are automatically approved upon application as long as you are actively at work for the previous 30 days.

There is no increase in premiums for your age, sex, or physical condition. You pick the disability benefits amount and pay a flat rate based on that monthly benefit.

USPS Only Covers Disability Retirement & Leave

The only disability coverage the postal service provides is disability retirement.   This involves you being unable to do almost any of your job duties, and the government requires you to apply for Social Security Disability as well.   If you haven’t heard, this is a huge undertaking and takes months in most cases to be approved or even reviewed.

Most postal employees aren’t looking to retire, just want some help in paying bills in the event of an injury or illness. This is where Postal Disability Insurance comes in and helps you stay afloat until you can go back to work.

The Company

Opting for protection from Postal Life and Disability Plans can give you peace of mind knowing you’re covered. Strength and stability are everything when it comes to insurance. The company behind our unique offering for postal employees has existed for over 170 years and covers over 100,000 postal employees today.

We believe in providing disability insurance protection whether you’re a full or part-time employee.  Our company offers payroll deductions to pay for your disability premiums.

Postal Employee Short-Term Disability Coverage

Do you still have more questions about the securing postal disability insurance? Continue reading to get more answers on short-term disability and other insurance options.

Instead of relying on social security disability, let our team give you short-term disability coverage so you never have to miss out on income, even in the event of illness or injury.

USPS Employee Disability Coverage
Injuries happen, are you prepared?

Program Benefits

No Required Physical or Examinations

Most social security disability programs require physicals, prescription checks, and driving record checks. If an insurance company checks all these areas, it reduces your chances of being approved for benefits. \

Monthly Benefits

Postal employees can qualify for up to $6,000 per month of tax-free benefits that are payable for up to one year per occurrence.

We Cover Both on and Off-the-Job Injuries

If you are injured on the job, our plan can pay in addition to worker’s comp payments. You don’t know when or where you may get injured or ill. Shouldn’t you have coverage regardless?

Get Payroll Deduction for Premiums

Everybody knows it is easier to pay for something automatically. You can set up your disability premiums to come out of your paycheck.

Your Doctor Makes the Decision If You Can Work or Not

This is probably one of the top two reasons Federal employees should utilize our service. Most disability plans require you to submit doctors' records to their IN-HOUSE DOCTOR to determine if your claim will be paid. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the insurance company's doctor is much stricter than your own family doctor. This can mean the difference between getting paid and not.

Cost & Coverage

Our team proudly provides quotes for short-term disability insurance through an easily accessible online application. We’re transparent about the costs and coverage benefits level for your ongoing or short-term disability insurance.

Benefit Level

The benefit level ranges from $1,500 to $6,000 per month, regardless of your chosen waiting period. In most cases, if you are out for one month due to a covered illness or injury it will pay you back what you paid in premiums over an entire year!

Waiting Period

You’ll choose your benefit level and waiting period in the application below. The waiting period is how long you have to be out of work injured or ill before you are eligible for benefits. There’s either a 14 or 30-day waiting period.

Start your disability insurance application with Postal Life and Disability Plans now to get the protection you deserve. Contact our team today with any questions about disability retirement or short-term disability insurance for ultimate peace of mind.