Why Short-Term Disability Insurance Is So Important?

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Short-Term Disability Insurance For USPS employees

Working for the post office has lots of benefits. Great salary, great health insurance, and a pretty damn good retirement compared to most other employers. The big hole in your postal benefit plan is the lack of disability insurance. Some of the unions offer a disability plan, but most of them have long wait times before you can claim benefits, as well as medical underwriting.

Disability insurance is as important as health insurance. As hard as postal employees work with all the repetitive motion and lifting, it’s an absolute must.

What is Postal Short-Term Disability Insurance?

Short-term disability insurance covers you when you have an on or off-the-job injury or illness that prevents you from working for an extended period of time. Waiting periods can be either 14 days or 30 days depending on your choice. Disability insurance helps postal employees in many ways.

Helps You Avoid Debt

While many try to ignore it, you are more likely to experience a disability or critical illness than you might think. Without disability insurance, it will be more of a challenge to cover your medical costs without incurring loans or credit card debt.

Safeguards Your Savings

Some might have plenty of income savings and probably a considerable cushion on top of that. However, disability comes with several expenses, including doctor visits, rehabilitation, and medication, along with regular monthly expenses. Without financial assistance, your savings could take a big hit, no matter how briefly your disability lasts.

Offers Peace of Mind

When you have disability insurance in place, if something happens you don’t have to worry about paying the car payment or the mortgage payment. Or as we mentioned earlier exhaust in your savings.

Getting Postal Short-Term Disability Insurance

Open season is upon us. This means postal employees can enroll in a short-term disability program with no medical questions or underwriting. The program offers payroll deduction, with a very easy application process that can be completed in five minutes over the phone.

Coverage and Company you can count on

Postallifeanddisabilityplans.com has secured insurance programs through companies that are at least 100 years old. These companies are also A+ rated and have an outstanding record of claims payment. We have been working with Postal employees for over 15 years and currently insure hundreds of thousands of postal employees today.

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