Postal Disability Insurance Explained

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postal worker disability insurance

Postal employees are at as much risk for injury as police and firefighters according to insurance companies and associations around the country. Heavy lifting, repetitive motion, and accidents are very common. Understanding the need for disability insurance is very important for postal employees.

What is Postal Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance provides payments when you are unable to work due to illness or injury (on or off the job). It is meant to replace income while you are unable to work. Payments made to postal employees while on disability are tax-free.

Waiting Periods:

Postal Disability plans involve a waiting period before you can file a claim. The waiting periods are either 14 or 30 days.  For example, if you fell and broke your foot on Sept 1st, and you have a 14-day waiting period, you could file your claim on September 15th. We always suggest you contact us as soon as you know you will be out of work so we can get you the claim paperwork early. Generally speaking, if you have a couple of months of sick leave, we suggest the 30-day waiting period because the premium is cheaper.

Postal Disability Insurance Benefit Period:

Postal Disability Insurance can and will pay up to one year for each accident or illness that prevents you from working. For example, if a postal employee needed a hip replacement and was going to be out for 9 months and they elected a $3k monthly benefit they would receive $27k of tax-free benefits.

Who needs postal disability Insurance?

Postal employees who are low or out of sick leave must consider disability insurance. If you are out on sick leave and you have an accident or become severely ill, how can you pay your bills? Postal Disability insurance is protection for your paycheck and your bank account. Part-time postal employees who do not have sick leave also need protection.

How to pick the best Postal Disability Plan:

Postal employees do not have a ton of options when it comes to disability insurance because they are so prone to injury.    However, there are a few unique factors about our plan that separates it from all others.

  • Offered by 170-year old A+ rated company
  • We currently insure over 150,000 postal employees
  • YOUR DOCTOR determines if you cannot work as opposed to the insurance company’s DR.
  • $3,000/monthly benefit available as long as you make at least $57k a year.
  • Pregnancy is covered as an illness.
  • If confined to the hospital- no waiting period applies.

If you have questions and would like more information on Postal Disability Insurance please contact us at 888-770-1287 or you can text us at 314-916-8858


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